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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

$21.50 / Coming Soon

**Use discount code LOCALPICKUP for pick up in Blackfalds,Alberta Canada**

Do you hate having to give your baby unnecessary medications? Me too! That is why I love the baltic amber necklaces! They are a natural pain relief remedy to help ease some if the pain accociated with teething.

My necklaces come from @punkinbuttbaby and are made from genuine, authentic Baltic amber.

They come in polished or raw form. All beads have been rounded to avoid pointy edges!

Each amber bead is individually knotted on solid thread (not elasticized!) for safety, so in the event of breakage, only one bead will break off. Thread will not loose shape or stretch out.

Our amber teething necklaces are closed with a twist clasp (screw thread), designed to break under extreme pressure.

Amber contains naturally-occuring succinic acid which is non-toxic (found in the fozzil resin produced by pine trees) and used in medicinal mixtures by many cultures. This is the same succinic acid found in mainstream pain medication.

Healing Amber is a safe and effective homoeopathic remedy for teething. A perfect alternative to teething drugs, medication or gels.

Considered a natural analgesic, amber helps remedy restlessness, irritability, sleep trouble and pain.

Amber is not a stone so therefore warm to the touch, as well as very light and comfortable to wear.